I've launched several products. I've worked in Venture Capital. I'm passionate about helping others build successfully.
I organize San Francisco Hacker News:

Em: dan [at] techendo [dot] com
Writing OS X apps, helping teach ruby and rails. Always looking to Do The Right Thing™ and Help The Greater Good™.
Head of community and operations. You'll probably get an email from me at some point. I live and breathe community development, so contact me if you're interested in talking about community or if you want to be spotlighted or interviewed on Techendo!
Co-Founder at Fighting Walrus ( Fighting Walrus is located in Brisbane CA. Our first product, the Fighting Walrus Radio, is a 915Mhz or 433Mhz radio accessory for iPad that provides long-range control and telemetry for small UAVs like those from 3DRobotics. We also develop an [open source ground control station]( that works with the Fighting Walrus Radio on iOS devices. andy [at] fightingwalrus [dot] com
Just another guy trying to make something. What I'm not sure.
I'm fairly new to programming and plan to establish a long and productive career. I'm looking to help out on cool projects and network with others wanting to do the same. I am going to move to the bay area in Summer 2015.
I'm interested in outreach and connecting users with technology. My previous career was as a librarian instructing users in digital literacy and information literacy.