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One of the things I'd like for technology to solve is my unwillingness to take half a day to go to the laundromat to do my laundry. Yes, first world problems. But it's something that I'd love access to if it were more affordable. When I started doing research, I was overwhelmed by the options, so I ended up just throwing my hands in the air and going to the laundromat anyway. But here is what I found so far. Give me any feedback/suggestions in the comments!

Prim: This one has the most user-friendly site with the easiest way to estimate pricing. I'd be likely to try it at some point if I had time to schedule the pickup beforehand. I definitely would not wash blankets through them, as they're more expensive than other laundry. They come right to you for pickup, so that's really nice. I'd give them a shot. Price: $25 per bag + $15 additional

Washio: The amount of personal information they want from me just to get my clothes washed is unsettling. Also they call the people that do your laundry "ninjas", which makes me nervous. I could have gotten over it, but the pricing was hard to figure out, not present on the site without signing up for an account and basically all but giving them my social security number, and they kept sending me emails that were way too clever. I unsubscribed. Sorry, guys. Would try again, but not now. Price: hard to tell, it's by the pound and who knows how much their clothes weigh?

Sudzee: Actually, this seems to be the cheapest, but they don't do personalized delivery and drop-off times, and I live in the Mission, so... no way am I leaving my clothes outside my apartment. Out of the question. Also, incredibly low-tech. They should re-consider that. Price: $32-60

Laundry Locker: It took me way too long to figure out where these places actually are. I gave up. If one was in my building, I'd likely use it. But I'd prefer laundry machines on-site. You text them and they come and pick up your stuff. Price: $1.99/lb (again, whatever that means) plus TONS of incidental fees that probably add up way too quickly.

Am I missing any? Have you had a good experience with a pickup/deliver laundry service?

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