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Korg just announced at NAMM the new Korg MS-20 Kit. This looks awesome! You can put together this entire monosynth yourself, all without soldering a thing. I can hear the nerdgasms from here.

I owned the original Korg MS-20 and MS-10 and would get monster sound out of these monosynths. It's interesting to see them reproducing this model -- probably due to its super classic look and amazing sound.

Hopefully they'll be releasing the rest of this line. Check out the info:

Introducing MS-20 Kit - a true-analog, 1:1 scale reissue of the original MS-20, with both filters built in (the more aggressive early production filter and the mellower late production one). Every detail has been replicated, right down to the packaging!

MS-20 Kit comes disassembled, providing you, the owner, the excitement of putting together your very own MS-20 (no solder required!). Just like MS-20 mini, MS-20 Kit includes MIDI In and USB-MIDI functionality.

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