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Check this out. There seems to be a guy going around with a bunch of other followers manipulating the value of dogecoin (a bitcoin alternative).

User Socillion says:

It was originally happening in the public channel #dogecoin-market on Freenode but was then moved to the private channel #marketmakers, which seems to have spurred people to start sharing it everywhere since now it's private.

Wolong is the guy who brought the Dogecoin price to where it is now by investing a ton of money into it, and due to that and some charisma he's attracted a cult following. He's now using that cult following to have them do pump/dump ops for him (with their money).

Here is a full reproduction of the manifesto this guy is sending out on an IRC channel called #dogecoin-market:

#dogecoin-market: Official Vision Statement

#dogecoin-market: In the dogecoin community, I'm always known as a whale, however that is not the fact. I am more like a shark, eating what I hunt, aggressively and without mercy. At the endgame, there might or might not be hatred. It really depends on market conditions where my massive dump at the end will not destroy the stability of dogecoin prices. For those who asked to be fed, instead of learning the arts of trading, god bless you on that

#dogecoin-market: one. You are the one that will be losing out. That is a straight up honest answer from me. However to those who chose to learn, pay attentions to my market comentaries on how prices are being moved, there will be a higher chance of you profiting.

#dogecoin-market: Trading doges was an opportunity I took due to the fact I got in early and market capital was low. However cryptocurrency trend is like a fog, no one knows what will happen, governments intervention and strict regulations could destroy cryptos. I have a vision, to create an online community that really excels in the aspects in the financial of which we operates in. Making better profits tomorrow than today. However it has come

#dogecoin-market: to my attention that any other communities that currently exists like forexfactory, forex-tsd even in my existing #dogecoin-market, there are always trolls that add absolutely zero value to the community. I strongly believed that everyone intention is to have a total clean troll free environment so that we as a group is able to progress much faster through knowledge and wisdom shared.

#dogecoin-market: I have an intention which I announced a couple of days back, to setup a forum known as the Game Of Deception (Yep, the market is really an advance chess game with alot of deceptive moves to take money out of you). It will consists a vast range of financial market, ranging from bonds, stocks, forex, commodities to cryptocurrencies. This forum community that I am about to build is much more different than the rest out there. A go

#dogecoin-market: od community does not mean big community, a small number to be gradually increased and harsh moderation, will definitely help a stable growth of it.

#dogecoin-market: So what is different in this community that I'm about to build?

#dogecoin-market: 1) NO TROLLS, WE HATE YOU, EVERYONE DOES


#dogecoin-market: Strong moderations will be in placed to ensure that each comments clearly back your views, your stoplosses, your take profit, your contigency plans. (This will be a revolutionary change, as alot of us comes from different part of the world, different timezone, different financial status.) It will be helpful if things are so much detailed and explained that helps everyone in their trading decision.

#dogecoin-market: 3) The forum will be less technical analysis but standing from GOLDMAN SACHS, JP MORGAN point of view, collecting more data and statistics to understand the market. Bear in mind that technical analysis are just traps laid by them and charts are just bits of traces left by them. This has some explaination in the upcoming book.

#dogecoin-market: I am seeking for people who can commit strong dedication into assisting in graphic designs, vbulletin skinning and coders to help in developing the above said community. I prefer things to be done fast pace, swift and smooth. A launchpad maybe needed for bug tracks and future to-do list.

#dogecoin-market: So how do I kill all the trolls and ensure that the community is doing what I promised? I have a proposal. Once the above development is done, it will be open for registration from a xxx amount of doges/btc etc. 50% of you paid will be going into the development pool so that it can be paid to the developers who helped out in the early phase of development. What about the remaining 50%? Well it will be turn out into some form of

#dogecoin-market: credits on the forum. You can use it to download contents, provide tips to users who share important or useful articles that REALLY brings value to the community, This way it enhances the spirit and trust of who is inside the community.

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