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As many tweets, and facebook messages went out about the outage of google, my only thought was it's as good a time as any to make the switch to another service. This has been on my mind for awhile now.

If the google graveyard will tell us anything it's that the services we come to love and use are disposable by the search engine giant. I call them this because as it seems, their advertisers are their only concern. Retaining their user base is not a concern.

With the downfall of Igoogle and google reader I vowed to take my services elsewhere. These are services I used daily. The loss of google labs also confirmed my want to move away from all things google. My real love for google came out of google labs, and all of their test projects. I personally had dreamt of working for google at some point in my career. At this point youtube is the only service I'm stuck using.

A lot of youtubers are actually creating revenue streams disjointed from google. Phillip Defrenco has been working for some time to secure his business in ways that don't solely include youtube's sponsorship. One of his big business changes has been adoption of marketing designs by the for human peoples community. You can find Sourcefed videos that aren't run off youtube if you visit the website. Other youtubers are doing the same.

"Despite YouTube having the tagline "broadcast yourself", the most viewed clips are often corporate videos or those featuring internet celebrities, many of whom now earn over $100,000 a year. And with the site investing more in live and professionally-produced content, has it moved on from its amateur origins?"

As you saw from the google graveyard they have already created a spot for google glass. If you visit here you will see glass is the next service said to make it's way to the graveyard, along with a big list of other services predicted to die out soon.

"Just further evidence that one cannot be both omniscient AND omnipotent." as one facebook user pointed out earlier.


dpg · almost 4 years ago · link · reply

Are people ready to move off of gmail? Or are has google been so embedded in our lives it is too difficult to switch? I think the one thing that can stop them is a super slick app that does both mobile and web well. People should start building now.

jacksayswatt · almost 4 years ago · link · reply

I've been ready for awhile now. It's just a matter of making sure I make the switch to the right application/service. I personally would put money in someone's pocket to do my email well, and with a domain name I own.

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