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Intel has been hot on the wearables scene -- it seems like they are betting this industry is going to only get hotter. While it may seem we're still waiting on the "killer app" -- there have been some promising contenders. Intel wants to power the next generation of these devices.

Check out Intel's latest endeavor, Make it Wearable. Ripped directly from the site, the overview reads:

MAKE IT WEARABLE is a global year-long initiative sponsored by Intel to support the evolution of wearables. Students (ages 13 and up, except where prohibited), designers, engineers, and makers can get involved in two ways: the VISIONARY track and the DEVELOPMENT track.

The VISIONARY track is open to futuristic ideas with no boundaries. It features 5 stand-alone rounds. In each round, all complete submissions will be evaluated, a top 5 will be selected, and then a winner announced. Finalists will gain recognition for compelling concepts.

The DEVELOPMENT track focuses on concepts that are both excitingly innovative and feasible to execute. This track features 3 rounds. All submissions will be evaluated in round 1 (idea proposal submission), 40 will advance to round 2 (semi-finals), 10 will advance to round 3 (finals), and 3 winners will be chosen. Semifinalists and finalists will gain expert support and education aimed at evolving their proposals into fully developed designs and business plans.

So that's pretty exciting. We can't wait to see what is developed through this challenge.

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