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There should exist a service where all sites that collect or retain data on me, must register and maintain a list of my accounts and information they are collecting. This would:

  1. Allow me to see just how many sites have my information
  2. See who they are sharing it with
  3. Allow me to unsubscribe from their service easily
  4. Disallow particular data on a global or local scale

These features allowing me to basically filter my privacy settings across the net:

Quick Diagram [I am not a designer]



  1. The companies would need a unique identifier (email perhaps?) or key that you would have to use and maintain across all of these sites, so they know who they are tracking. This itself centralizes the information about you on the internet. All personal information created or shared by me would have to be coupled with this unique id. This allows central access for intelligence agencies to know what I'm doing online and make it easy to essentially be able to build a full profile of who I am.

  2. This would have to be a really popular opt-in for companies to maintain, or it would have to be the law. Unfortunately without a grass roots movement, and without global participation, it makes this service particularly difficult.

  3. Global privacy settings. Who decides what organization maintains it? It's come to light throughout the last decade that all of our governments are particularly keen on owning this information, or at least buying off or partnering with companies who own it for easy access either first-hand or through backdoors.


  1. Since we store no personal data, just the reference of it, is it a big deal if each company we assume is not sharing our information?
  2. Public Key Encryption for each service, and one for the user. We create a privacy bubble for each app and the data shared between it. The data is secured and kept secret from one another, so no single big picture can be assembled from the pieces.
  3. Others?

What are your thoughts?

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