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Piper is a Raspberry Pi powered Bitcoin paper wallet printer. Take your wallets off-line and store your bitcoins in a safe place like in your backyard in a jar, you crazy, crazy nut.

@younata in #Techendo on IRC mentioned that if this is a thermal printer:

That shit will fade in like... a week.

Another user @andy said:

Wow. using that paper for that purpose is really dumb. Pretty sure it will fade in a year. 20 years my ass.

While another user, @zaius said:

i wouldn't even know where to start with a paper wallet. that seems to solve the problem pretty quickly for me.

while another user @xeno said this:

yay I'm quoted!


So if longevity isn't a concern, and you're itching to convert your hard earned dollars to confetti, try this product out.

There is a short video here.

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