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This year saw a lot of changes for all of us. The sentiment I'll try and convey best as possible in this post is how grateful I am for all of you that helped and supported the things we've done together this year -- and what amazing things we've got planned for next year.

A recap is necessary to put in perspective how much we've successfully done together:

Techendo - Under a year old and growing great. What started out as a podcast with friends and beers on my couch has now blossomed into a blogging platform that helps support the community locally and abroad with distribution to a wider audience of hackers, entrepreneurs, and investors. We're pushing 2.5k+ uniques a day, and one of our top stories hit 65k views! Thank you for your posts and we look forward to seeing more great features in the future. Drop me a line and let me know what you'd like to see more of. :)

Tribes - This project started out because I was just a lonely entrepreneur trying to constantly build new products. After leaving YC I found myself launching products alone and found a very disjointed community out there. Tribes was a way to bring entrepreneurs, hackers, investors, and media together to work off-the-record, with no-bullshit, to peer support one another every week. If people were going to be serious about growing and building, then they were going to be serious about this opportunity. My hunch paid off and we now have upwards of 30+ tribe members that meet weekly. I'll also be launching a Tribes site today that will help others around the world grow and foster similar communities in their areas.

Schools - Super new, and growing quickly, this project started out because a lot of development schools were pumping out unhappy students and I was hearing about their troubles first-hand. I wrote an article that asked if development schools were just a scam taking advantage of a market opportunity and the community spoke out. I then built a site to let us hear, from the student's perspective, what is really going on at these development schools. The support is growing strong and you can participate by signing up.

Burrito - This program was created to give new/aspiring/seasoned entrepreneurs/hackers the opportunity to meet one-on-one and I'd pay for their burrito. They could ask advice, I would offer whatever network I had, or we could just sit and eat burritos and talk about what's going on in their worlds. Sometimes it's just nice to have someone to talk to, going through the same thing, over free burritos. I met a lot of great and interesting people in the program. I'll ping them back and see if I can interview them and check-in on their progress and post it up to Techendo if people would like.

San Francisco Hacker News [SFHN] - ~2k+ members strong! This is one of my favorite projects. It's truly been rewarding to see the community come together and support one another over drinks, speakers, panels, and feedback. I want to send a huge thank you to our sponsors this year and another huge thank you to whoever came out to help. If you haven't been to one of our meetups, you owe it to yourself to come out, meet a friend, and maybe learn something new. We'd love to have you and we have some amazing events lined up for 2014. We have Jeff Atwood speaking, a Deep Machine Learning tutorial, Marketing for Hackers, and more Investor panels lined up, among other things. If you want to speak about your passion or project, please don't hesitate to reach out.

This year is going to be great with these future events in the works:

Hackendo - Our hackathon + conference series will kick off in March with "Integrate" -- the largest wearables and externals conference in the world. We have amazing companies representing the coolest and latest in wearables and externals technology. If you're interested in participating and demoing your product let me know. Our theme is the integration of wearables, externals, and the Internet of Everything™. All proceeds made from this event will go towards starting a new incubator program tentatively called Hacker-to-Hacker.

Campendo - We're creating a graduate-level code and leadership program for development school graduates. It will help bridge the gap and give students an opportunity to learn additional skills and really stand out in the world, not just the work place. Feedback is much appreciated on format and I would love to meet with more development school graduates to figure out what other areas we can concentrate on to help make your abilities grow.

Hacker-to-Hacker - We're starting an incubator! I've had the opportunity to meet a ton of great and talented people working on truly new and wonderful ideas that want to shape the world, not just the ecosystem around them. We're going to be bringing this online sometime this summer and we're currently looking for additional advisors and investors that want to help facilitate innovation in the valley.

Personal projects - I have 2-7 personal projects in the pipeline as well, so look forward to those!

Your projects - Last but not least, let me know what you're working on! Come out to tribes! Stay positive and motivated and let us help.

Thank you so much for everything this city and community has given me, I hope I can return the favors, time, talent, and help many times over again.

Here is to a great, productive year, and to another life-changing, world-changing, tech-altering year ahead!

Dan P. Gailey
tw: @dpg
ph: 415.583.5403

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