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Why did I choose We Got Coders: After a thorough research of course providers it turned out they are the only ones offering a job placement upon successful course completion. Also the groups are smaller so you get more face time with your tutor (do not underestimate the value of this).

What to Expect: - This is the real deal, your pathway to become a Web Developer, the curriculum and Dan (your tutor) go the extra mile, you will be more prepared than the rest out there. - Long working days (al...

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I rarely write reviews about products or services I purchased. However, I am making an exception for Epicodus because it was such a positive and amazing journey for me. I searched all the programs available at the time (late '13) and Epicodus was the only 4 month program, by far the longest and also cheapest program out there. I knew that i needed at least 4 months to learn programming. While I do I have a BS and MS in Information Technology, i was by no mean a programmer. I was s...

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I attended Nashville Software School during cohort 3. I was looking to re-enter the workforce after years as a stay-at-home dad. I found the experience to be fun, challenging, and rewarding in various ways. After graduation, I worked at the school as a TA while picking up contracting work on the side. Now, just 17 months removed from being at home with my kids, I am employed full-time as a Software Engineer.

My experience with NSS has been a tremendously rewarding one. It took a lot of hard wo...

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I am a graduate from the second cohort of NSS. I entered the program with a Bachelors Degree in Music and work history in Healthcare. I had zero development experience upon entering the program. Since graduation, I have been fortunate to obtain gainful employment with an agency and two start-up companies.

NSS was no walk in the park. It was immersive. It was challenging. It required a great deal of time and energy. But, as with many things worth doing in life, you get out of it what you put in....

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I went to Epicodus after working in a few different unsatisfying careers and thinking I might like to code. Of all of the bootcamps I researched, Epicodus seemed to provide the best value in terms of knowledge gained vs. price, not to mention it’s situated in the heart of the “Silicon Forest” of Portland, OR, a city buzzing with techies and tech companies.

The environment differed from any other formal schooling I’ve been to in that the onus was definitely on me, the student, which is as it sho...

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I was on the course from September to December 2014. I had three of the most fun, intellectually stimulating months in recent memory when I was on the course. I loved my cohort, the teaching style under Enrique's leadership was well-suited to my learning style, and Makers provided a focused, work-like environment without which I never would have learned to code. The CEO, Evgeny, is very receptive to criticism and promotes a culture of openness within the company, among both the staff and the stu...

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Really couldn't be better. Provide a very good grounding of the industry and tech. They don't hide anything from students and make it very clear that learning to code isn't as simple as a 12 week course, and instead focuses on lifelong learning.

There isn't much handholding, which is exactly the right thing. The emphasis is on the individual learning how to learn, which is extremely important given the constantly changing landscape of the industry.

Staff extremely helpful, respond to feedback ...

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I came to Epicodus with a graduate degree in the arts, and a desire for a more prosperous career and lifestyle. My time spent at Epicodus was worth every second, and their job placement team is unlike any that I’ve experienced before in academia. Epicodus’s dedicated staff checked in with us weekly, kept us informed of new job postings and network opportunities, provided empathy, and helped us stay positive. Thanks to this amazing and supportive team, I landed an sweet new developer job with a c...

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Attending (and surviving) Epicodus has been one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. I arrived knowing HTML/CSS and how to make a simple if/else statement -- nothing more. I was definitely driving the strugglebus for the first two months of the program. It's hard work, don't let anyone say otherwise. You have to work for it if you want it, but that's why Epicodus is so great -- the instructors and the owner, Michael have built a very supportive environment. Epicodus is designed around pai...

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Hi all, I would like to get some early feedback on my little side project called datajones. In a nutshell: You take an office document and insert placeholders. For [[example]] like [[this]]. Upload this document to Datajones, and I will create a basic input form for you. Use this form to collect data and create PDFs out of them. You can customize the generated forms in various ways, to boost your productivity: Modify the layout, change the input types of your fields, add auto completion or default values. The forms will work on most mobile browsers. With features like image uploads or offline storage. At the moment it is just used for on the fly proposal generation, but since it can handle images and the internal graphing power of openoffice/libreoffice, I hope this could be useful to more people. Thanks in advace for your feedback.
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If you're just getting started with programming or struggling to learn it on your own then Epicodus is definitely the way to go. Without prior coding experience working a full-time job, it was quite a challenge to get myself going on programming. After a few months of wrapping my head around with Javascript and Ruby, I realized that in order to accelerate my learning process and make it more fun I needed to collaborate with other self-learners like me and make my studying full-time. Here's where...

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Great bootcamp school! Active community of alumni and coders now exist with this school in Vancouver.

I took the bootcamp about 10 months ago. After about 2 months of finishing the bootcamp I nailed a steady long term gig at over $50 an hour. Roughly 90% of my fellow grads secured good work after graduation. If you work hard, it's true that these bootcamps really pay off.

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TLD List is a 100% automated directory of every top level domain. The site displays the best prices for registering, renewing, and transferring TLD's. Additional features include TLD availability dates, english translations, and any imposed restrictions on domains. Any feedback, suggsetions, or feature requests are greatly appreciated!

Latest comment

Thanks! All the domain pricing is automatically gathered directly from the registrars. Other info comes from wikipedia, ICANN, and IANA. All data is updated every 6 hours.

(tried to reply to your thread, but the "reply" button doesn't seem to w

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I picked Epicodus because at 17-weeks it was the longest of any other bootcamp I could find. This was important to me as it meant we would spend more time digging into the programming languages, developing good habits, building more projects, and exploring more technologies.

This type of in-depth immersion into programming gave me the skillset to build and develop applications, side-projects, and interact with other professional developers with confidence.

Employers could tell Epicodus produce...

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Before Epicodus I was working freelance in the entertainment industry and knew nothing about web development. I decided to take the risk and move to Portland to take Epicodus.

Curriculum: The course is set up so you watch videos at night and work through various problem sets during school hours. There were times that I was frustrated when I didn't get clear answers from the instructors but have come to appreciate that a lot. They were teaching us how to problem solve. The course is set up...

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I attended the first class (cohort 1) with maxbeizer. I graduated from a 4 year college with a business degree and a marketing minor just 3 weeks before cohort-1 began. I chose to attend NSS because my bachelor's degree could not get the kind of career I wanted. Initially, I thought NSS would give me a few more skills to get in the door and then I would go back down the business marketing path. While at NSS I fell in love with coding.

Prior to NSS, I had no technical experience what so ever. Af...

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I attended Epicodus not knowing what to expect or what I would get out of it. Now, looking back, I can accurately say that Epicodus teaches the right way. The program is designed to provide structure and support without coddling or providing more than necessary. The best way to learn is through experience and Epicodus enabled me to experience failures in a way where I felt secure enough to push through them on my own but had the support of students and staff there to support me if I needed it. T...

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