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Epicodus is not a sink or swim program. They don't expect you to have a background in coding. They do expect you to wake your brain up and put it to work! And along the way, they can help you actually understand how to be a coder, a student, a mentor, and a member of the tech community.  I started in January 2015 with one (traditional style) intro class and one unix class under my belt, and no computer to do extra research or projects(I had to borrow one to do my preliminary work). I quit my job...

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Epicodus is one of the single best decisions I have ever made. My new career is more day-to-day enjoyable, more rewarding, the environment more relaxed, and yes, the pay is better, too. Meanwhile, I still regularly get together with my classmates, a remarkable network of friends. To understand just how wildly successful Epicodus is at what it does, there are a number of things you need to know, things that I personally found helped me.

Without their deferred payment option (pay $200 up front, t...

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From stepping through the front door at Coding House I was made to feel welcome in my new home. Sarah, always friendly and hospitable, greeted me and gave me a tour, took any dietary requests and put me at ease.

The provision of both food and accommodation is particularly ideal for those who are new to the Bay Area, or even (like me), new to the country.

Packed days of gaining relevant employable skills hand-in-hand with building a portfolio of projects kept us busy until late in the evening...

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I knew very little of the programming world before I attended Epicodus. In fact, I knew nothing at all. I was a poker dealer in Montana for 10 years and realized that my career path had no future. I have a child and I own a house so I needed something more secure for my family. I was soon scouring the internet for code schools that would be affordable and worth it to spend that much time away from home. I came across http://bookertrex.tumblr.com/ and I was convinced after reading her blog about...

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My experience at Coding House was not without its obstacles. Coming into an intensive coding bootcamp with limited background in the field was not an easy transition. However the live-in nature of Coding House allowed me to adapt quickly, soon dreaming about coding became thinking in code. Everyday during the course consists of constant hard work, both assigned and independent, however with the passion and enthusiasm for coding felt between the students, it is easy to stay positive and motivated...

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I graduated from Epicodus earlier this year, and it was a wonderful, positive experience.

I went into the course with minimal knowledge of programming, and came out with the confidence to teach myself anything. The curriculum lays a good groundwork to start from, and the environment is very collaborative and supportive.

My favorite thing about Epicodus is the staff. Michael really cares about the students and the mission of Epicodus, and the teachers were absolutely wonderful. I would definite...

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I will always consider my time at Epicodus to have been a key turning-point in my life. I drove alone in Winter across the country, from Baltimore, Maryland to Portland, Oregon, because Epicodus was one of the few schools who had a payment deferment program for students who couldn't afford to pay upfront, which I really needed in order to even be able to attend. I actually couldn't even afford the gas money to get there; I'm blessed to have generous friends who sponsored my trip on GoFundMe. Web...

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I attended Epicodus last summer. I had very little coding experience. The first day of class I felt completely overwhelmed with the amount of information. It is now a year after I began attending Epicodus and I have had a full time salary tech job for three months. Epicodus was a quick way to get the skills necessary to get a job as a developer. One difficult thing about it is the student to teacher ratio. When I attended I think there were 60 students and 2 instructors. This meant that you didn...

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I had a great experience with Epicodus. I moved from out of town to attend the program and it provided a great environment for making new friends. The teachers were very helpful and always pushed students to ask meaningful questions. This formulation developed thought patterns that allowed us to grow as students from helpless to empowered. Cooperation and communication are core values of Epicodus, and the pair programming reinforces these fundamental programming skills. I can’t imagine diving in...

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I worked for 7 years as a meeting planner. I had a good job with good pay, but knew it wasn't the right fit for me in the long run. I knew I wanted to go back to school for awhile, but the thought of going to class for a few years and spending loads of money for some sort of new degree was in no way appealing. Fortunately I found the Epicodus program. No one talking at you from the front of the room (yay!) - instead you are living the life of a programmer from day one, which in itself is the big...

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I signed up for Epicodus because I wanted to transition out of marketing roles at venture-backed startups into a more technical role.

I got just what I wanted at Epicodus.

The classroom environment was collaborative, and each day we worked in pairs solving difficult coding challenges. Our reading and video homework was completed at night or over the weekend, so we could spend valuable classroom time coding.

At the end of the class, I was contacted by an engineering-focused development shop...

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Cathartic.co exists because sometimes it take years to raise important personal issues. You could be at breaking point, carrying a burden, or even suffering political oppression. We don’t mind, we just want you to talk before the problem consumes you. We are unique, you will not find any advertisements nor do we profit from the user in any other way. In fact, we would prefer to maintain complete anonymity, maintaining a safe, secure and anonymous atmosphere for anyone who may wish to share their story. To contribute to the community you do not need to sign up, there is no universal account and no need to share an email address. There is no need for verification, no need for approval and all contributions are added without judgement or prejudice. However we do have a social responsibility. Whenever a user posts an article they are presented with a list of charities who can help. We do not charge or profit from this service we merely want to suggest the best help for the vulnerable, any charity can be listed all they have to do is ask, if we think they offer a valuable service we will add them. Anonymity is always at the forefront of Cathartic.co. No personal details are stored, all IP’s are masked, even your cookie is destroyed as soon as the session is closed. We take anonymity so seriously we also have a Darknet portal, the same technology that is used for crime is now used to help.
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I spent a few years as a computer science major, and I have to say that I learned more practical skills in Codeup than I did in school.

The instuctors are very thorough and helpful, and legitimately love their job. And best of all, within days of completion, I was getting interviews.

If you are planning on doing Codeup, and have some coding experience, you might find some of the earlier sections slow. However, the instructors will be more than happy to point you to extra exercises.

10/10, wo...

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A place where you can ask and answer questions, discuss the field, and exchange ideas with a helpful community of fellow neuro-enthusiasts and researchers. Read more in the announcement post: http://www.autodidacts.io/neurobb-the-eeg-bci-and-neurofeedback-discussion-forum/?ref=neurobb

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@dpg Thanks! I’ve been in thick with a small subset of the community the NeuroBB caters to, because I’ve been writing tutorials and articles about amateur neuroscience on The Autodidacts. It’s a niche, but the people are he

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I love my Epicodus family (shout out to the Winter 2015 Ruby cohort). I am extremely happy with what Epicodus provided me. If you are considering attending a code school, I think you would be hard-pressed to find a better value anywhere else in the US. Epicodus gave me a leg up on a career change into web development, taught me how to tackle difficult coding problems, and showed me that I am capable of teaching myself new languages and frameworks. In the Portland area (and perhaps beyond) Epicod...

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