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HeyBubble provides a new way to approach customer service for your website, improving communication between Company and Customer and therefore, increasing conversion. HeyBubble offers great Live Chat features such as the ability of accessing your Live Chat through Skype and Jabber compatible chats, meaning admins can chat with their website visitors right from their smart phones, from anywhere, anytime.
via dpg (465) · I've launched several products. I've worked in Venture Capital. I'm passionate about helping others build successfully.
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We help you to realize your dream. We help to create and collaborate more efficiently what leads to a faster implementation of your dreams. For this we create an environment conducive to: removal of all kinds of boundaries; acquire knowledge; the exchange of information; ability to communicate; find resources to implement all kinds of artistic, scientific and other projects.

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This site is super confusing. The front-page says something about building projects, and that I'll get investments, but the internal site left me super confused as to what was even going on. You should take a step back and put yourself in the shoes o

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Ultra Social Net is the open source social networking advertising platform where any one can advertise their websites, offer their services and market their products for free.

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What are the necessary data to register?

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Prezentt is a web-based application available on mobile, tablet and computer that adds online interactivity to PowerPoint, Keynote and Prezi so that presenters and audiences connect more and get greater value during presentations

Presenters invest huge amounts of time preparing their presentations but usually only get to speak to a tiny fraction of their audience after the presentation.

Even though many attendees are interested & engaged during a presentation, if the presenter doesn't connect when the audience is in the room, the attendees walk out the door and it is highly unlikely they will ever make contact.

This is a huge problem that occurs all over the world.

If a presenter gets even just one extra sale per year, they will have paid for their subscription fee - in some cases, many times over (not to mention the time-savings from not having to key-punch business cards).

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Sounds good. Powerpoint use many people today.

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Workweek provides freelancers with an easy-to-build portfolio website with built-in invoicing. We believe you should be able to focus on your passions without worrying about getting noticed and getting paid.
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TL;DR: Epicodus was a fantastic experience for me, and I would wholeheartedly recommend the program to anyone looking to learn how to code, up their skills, and/or make a career change.

I started to write my review of Epicodus, then scanned the reviews already posted here, and pretty much all the positive things I wanted to say have already been said! Brace yourself for some repetition....

I came to Epicodus mainly in order to change careers. I'd always liked programming but hadn't been able ...

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You will find a new passionate at Epicodus like hundred students have done. This fantastic course just takes 4 months but give you all necessary background and sharp tools to jump into the coding market. After the course, they will help you going through processes of preparing for interviews, joining an internship and then finding a job. Epicodus is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I started the course without any coding experience. I was overwhelmed at first 2 weeks but then I fell ...

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