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Don't hesitate to apply to Codeup. Knowledgeable instructors and great Course Material make for great outcomes. Be prepared to work hard and be ready for a career change!

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I moved across the country to attend Epicodus. Not because I was 100% sure it would be the stepping stone to a fruitful and fulfilling career, but because I had a feeling it would be a great place to grow and work on my programming chops. And it was. Epicodus isn't in the business of teaching you how to be the next "Rock Star" or "ninja," it's invested in creating a coding community of equality and kindness. There were a number of things that I especially appreciated about Epicodus and its team,...

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Epicodus is not a sink or swim program. They don't expect you to have a background in coding. They do expect you to wake your brain up and put it to work! And along the way, they can help you actually understand how to be a coder, a student, a mentor, and a member of the tech community.  I started in January 2015 with one (traditional style) intro class and one unix class under my belt, and no computer to do extra research or projects(I had to borrow one to do my preliminary work). I quit my job...

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Epicodus is one of the single best decisions I have ever made. My new career is more day-to-day enjoyable, more rewarding, the environment more relaxed, and yes, the pay is better, too. Meanwhile, I still regularly get together with my classmates, a remarkable network of friends. To understand just how wildly successful Epicodus is at what it does, there are a number of things you need to know, things that I personally found helped me.

Without their deferred payment option (pay $200 up front, t...

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From stepping through the front door at Coding House I was made to feel welcome in my new home. Sarah, always friendly and hospitable, greeted me and gave me a tour, took any dietary requests and put me at ease.

The provision of both food and accommodation is particularly ideal for those who are new to the Bay Area, or even (like me), new to the country.

Packed days of gaining relevant employable skills hand-in-hand with building a portfolio of projects kept us busy until late in the evening...

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I knew very little of the programming world before I attended Epicodus. In fact, I knew nothing at all. I was a poker dealer in Montana for 10 years and realized that my career path had no future. I have a child and I own a house so I needed something more secure for my family. I was soon scouring the internet for code schools that would be affordable and worth it to spend that much time away from home. I came across http://bookertrex.tumblr.com/ and I was convinced after reading her blog about...

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My experience at Coding House was not without its obstacles. Coming into an intensive coding bootcamp with limited background in the field was not an easy transition. However the live-in nature of Coding House allowed me to adapt quickly, soon dreaming about coding became thinking in code. Everyday during the course consists of constant hard work, both assigned and independent, however with the passion and enthusiasm for coding felt between the students, it is easy to stay positive and motivated...

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I graduated from Epicodus earlier this year, and it was a wonderful, positive experience.

I went into the course with minimal knowledge of programming, and came out with the confidence to teach myself anything. The curriculum lays a good groundwork to start from, and the environment is very collaborative and supportive.

My favorite thing about Epicodus is the staff. Michael really cares about the students and the mission of Epicodus, and the teachers were absolutely wonderful. I would definite...

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