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Like a mini-social network with short profiles etc.

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Azasu is the Japanese word for "Thanks", and we have taken a literal approach to our app as it offers a way for you to say thanks to things you have on every given day. Azasu is an app that allows you to write a sentence of gratitude to yourself every day, reminding you to be thankful of everything you have. This encourages you to be thankful for all the positive things you have. Benefits of Azasu Expressing "Thanks" on a daily basis has been proven to boost optimism, positive energy, and mental wellbeing and even enables you to be helpful to those around you. This positive habit is also contagious and if practiced daily, will eventually rub off those around you.

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So here is my "Thanks" in English))

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Ripple is a platform that allows you to spread messages across the world without the standard follower system. A message first spreads to several people nearby and they choose whether to share it with more people. It is awesome to watch messages spread far and wide, and we let you visualize it on a map: We are a pretty new startup but a lot of our users are already really excited about the simple but powerful concept behind Ripple. We would love to hear what you think! Check us out at: The app is available on iOS and Android.

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App looks pretty good mate !

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** I attended Codeup in June 2014, the second class ever of the program. I was a junior in college during this time and decided to finish my last year after finishing Codeup. I have now graduated college and now work full-time as a web developer in Austin.**

The instructors, the curriculum, and the overall experience I had in Codeup was simply incredible. This course is expensive, but worth every penny.

If you're afraid of programming, thinking that it may be too hard, you're wrong. Coding is...

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I will describe Codeup as an awesome experience. The instructors are brilliant, and the flow of the program was really great. There are also great social events in and around the school you can attend. I would highly recommend the program if you are serious about learning and have the discipline to stick through it. For anyone thinking of changing careers, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

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Graduating Codeup has been life changing and nothing short of amazing! Although, I had a previous small taste of the tech arena, nothing on the same level as what I learned at Codeup. There were days when I struggled and even wondered if I had made the wrong choice with my career switch, I'm so glad that no instructor let me circle the drain and I never gave up! The curriculum, the instructors and support were top notch. The amount I've learned in 4 months is truly mind-blowing and the knowledge...

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I consider Epicodus to be one of my most influential life experiences of the past decade. The phenomenal curriculum, stellar teaching staff and hands-on approach to learning gave me a solid foundational understanding of programming that I continue to build on. I use this knowledge constantly in my current capacity as a Technology Consultant; supporting clients in finding and using the most appropriate apps/technology for their needs and abilities.

Epicodus catapulted my understanding of prog...

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Hi, what can be the best way to market a company and get company funding quickly and with minimal risk

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I recently completed the Coding House program and have been actively interviewing for four weeks. I had three offers this morning from different companies - all six figures and above (yes - $100,000+). I am accepting one of those now. I also turned down several other opportunities because they didn’t fit my career interest. This didn’t happen by chance and it certainly would not have been possible without the exceptional program I attended at Coding House.

For complete transparency I graduate...

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Here are the facts about my time at Epicodus:

  1. I got a job as a consultant at a Ruby on Rails shop within a week of graduating and has opened the door to a career.

  2. This was by far the most I ever enjoyed a class of any kind. I could not wait to wake up get to class and start coding.

  3. I made a bunch of great friends.

If you were to ask me if Epicodus was worth it I would answer that it is a no brainer. Absolutly worth every minute and dollar I spent.

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My Experience @Coding House

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance, the 5 Ps model I go by, and Coding House has provided me with all of that. When I first came to Coding House, I was like any other typical 4 year CS college student with tons of book knowledge, but unable to perform when asked to do it simply because I didn’t know how. I was fed up with following the typical CS track in school and blindly sending out resumes and hope for the best. So I made a decision and that landed me i...

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To anyone who wants to create a bright future in the programming world, the best strategy to acquire all the knowledge necessary is definitely by being fully immersed in it. Coding House has definitely done that for me. There is no other place in the Silicon Valley where you can learn all the latest, and most relevant frameworks while getting access to the biggest technology companies in the world, all this without worrying about where to live. In my case, coming from Stockholm Sweden, where I ...

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My name is Jose and I was in the cohort that started in January 2015 and ended April 2015. Before attending Coding House my only experience with programming was with iOS and some tutorials and courses from Treehouse. I decided to attend Coding House after deciding I wanted to make a career out of web development.

I applied to Coding House because I wanted to move to Silicon Valley and Coding House seemed to be the full package for my needs: housing, food and coding. As soon as I got to the hous...

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I was using an app earlier to tag my instagram pictures. But was tired of bulk copying instagram Hashtags from that app and had to open up instagram app everytime to paste it to get more likes. So with the support of third party keyboards in iOS8 ,I decided to build an iOS8 keyboard app to tag your instagram pictures quickly. If you use instagram often,would you find this app useful?

Link to the site - .

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Should be live in 2-3 weeks.Will post here when we launch!

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