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DIKY is a Reverse Social Network, where you can Discover your Crowd Sourced Personality. It is a unique app where you can have fun vouching for your friends and family, and vice versa, Anonymously and Authentically. These vouches bring out the most admired qualities in you, and you can showcase to the world, “What your friends think about You”.

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@dpg Your feedback is much appreciated. I will try to explain the reason behind your concerns. Hope I allay them. 1. The name that you see is an abbreviation for Do I know You. DIKY is best pronounced as (/Dai-key/) 2. Since this is a social netwo

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When deciding how best to advance my software engineering career, I faced many choices. Ultimately, I decided on the Advanced Software Engineering Immersive at Hack Reactor Remote. After passing my second technical interview (yeah, it's to that level) and finishing my pre course work, I embarked on the best three months of solid, intensive learning.

I set the bar high before I started. Hack Reactor Remote just laughed as we passed the bar in the first few weeks. If you are passionate about cod...

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JellyChip is a social network that wants to connect people and change lives. Users earn points by answering surveys and completing activities on the site to buy a gift on the JellyChip Store for free. Companies pay for the gifts by creating surveys and when a user purchases a gift, JellyChip sends the relevant funds to our partner charitable organisations.

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@dpg Good thought. Well regardless of the response you choose, you receive the same amount of points per question. So we don't incentivise individual questions. If the question led on to another question and the user wanted to answer "yes" because th

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Don't hesitate to apply to Codeup. Knowledgeable instructors and great Course Material make for great outcomes. Be prepared to work hard and be ready for a career change!

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I moved across the country to attend Epicodus. Not because I was 100% sure it would be the stepping stone to a fruitful and fulfilling career, but because I had a feeling it would be a great place to grow and work on my programming chops. And it was. Epicodus isn't in the business of teaching you how to be the next "Rock Star" or "ninja," it's invested in creating a coding community of equality and kindness. There were a number of things that I especially appreciated about Epicodus and its team,...

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Epicodus is not a sink or swim program. They don't expect you to have a background in coding. They do expect you to wake your brain up and put it to work! And along the way, they can help you actually understand how to be a coder, a student, a mentor, and a member of the tech community.  I started in January 2015 with one (traditional style) intro class and one unix class under my belt, and no computer to do extra research or projects(I had to borrow one to do my preliminary work). I quit my job...

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